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2020 Engineering Management & Alignment Report

A common challenge facing engineering leadership today is that as teams scale, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a pulse on what they are working on, how they’re performing, and whether their work aligns directly to the company’s strategy. The Jellyfish Data Science team analyzed the work of over 4000 engineers, and surveyed dozens of engineering leaders to better understand this challenge. 

In this report, you’ll learn:

  1. How and why engineering leaders overestimate the amount of resources they can devote to new feature work
  2. How that changes as teams scale in size and age
  3. Best practices for making sure your teams don’t follow the same patterns

Some insights you’ll find in the report include:

Engineering leaders overestimate resource availability for new feature/roadmap items. They estimate 59% of engineering effort can be devoted to roadmap work; the average engineering team only spends about 36%.

Customer support consumes more time than expected. The average engineering team spends 22% of its efforts on customer support, 83% more than estimated by their leaders.

High performing teams have dramatically higher visibility for engineering leadership. These teams spend 16% less time on customer support and 35% more time on roadmap.

Get the research:

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